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How To Make Halloween Fun for Parents and Kids

For most parents, Halloween is a holiday that involves taking at least one kid (if not more) trick or treating. While some parents may dread this task and prefer to be the one at home handing out the candy instead of walking through the neighborhood and going door-to-door, these few simple tips can make the evening a treat for you too.

    • Courtesy. There are social norms to be followed on Halloween, just like any other
time, and this needs to be explained to your children. Remind them to say “thank you” and take a piece of candy if offered (even if it isn’t their favorite or first choice), without digging around in the bowl. Second, show respect for the homes and yards of those you visit by staying on the sidewalk or driveway, and not touching any of the flowers, pumpkins, or other holiday decorations (no matter how tempting it may be). Third, avoid houses with lights off, and don’t knock or ring a doorbell more than twice.

    • Control. If you happen to be the parent tasked with escorting (and corralling) a large
group of children, it’s easier to divide the kids into smaller groups of six or seven, and send each to a different house, then have them switch houses. You can tell them this will allow them to hit more houses more efficiently.

    • Comfort. Some parents like (or are convinced by their kids) to dress in costume.
But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Your feet will thank you if you wear decent walking shoes or sneakers to chase your children along the street, and adult costumes that are overdone take away from the kids’ outfits, so keep them simple. In fact, throw on a funny hat or ears and call it a day. Bring something to drink if it’s hot, or sunglasses if you are out with younger children before the sun goes down.

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