Spy Ninjas VS Charli D'amelio VS Addison Rae TikTok 🔥 (Chad Wild Clay Vy Qwaint Project Zorgo PZ9)

addison rae tiktok
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TIK TOK CHALLANGE Spy Ninjas VS Charli D’amelio VS Addison Rae TikTok

After Chad Wild Clay made the video “IS THE SCIENTIST EVIL? SPY NINJAS Spending 24 Hours Testing if Joseph Banks is Good or Dangerous!”, Vy Qwaint created “PZ LEADER SECRET REVEALED in HATCH! Daniel & Regina Spend 24 Hours Underground Secure Home Problem”, and Daniel uploaded “JOSEPH BANKS & HACKER are BEST FRIENDS? Scientist Traps Vy Qwaint Spy Ninjas in Underground Hatch!” to the Exposing Undertaking Zorgo YouTube channel, Melvin and I return again from Undertaking Zorgo with an envelope that accommodates essential data concerning the mysterious and notorious Undertaking Zorgo Chief, the pinnacle of the group. The clues nearly lead the workforce to a different finish, till we understand that the data we did discover, was outdated polaroid images taken of the key underground bunker! The Spy Ninjas cut up up so Daniel, Vy, and Regina might return down into the bunker to seek for extra clues, whereas Chad and Melvin tracked down the mysterious and eccentric scientist Joseph Banks to check his morality. Throughout the take a look at, Joseph took Chad’s pockets! However, he gave cash inside away to a hacker. Underground, Regina, Vy and Daniel discovered an outdated {photograph} that seems to be the Undertaking Zorgo chief and Joseph Banks shaking fingers. Have been they pals? Are they pals? The workforce decides to get again above floor to warn Chad and Melvin, however not earlier than Joseph Banks locks the hatch, trapping Vy, Regina, and Daniel! After they escape, they study they need to meet PZ Funf on the park for testing viral TikTok challenges in trade for clues concerning the chief and Joseph Banks.

Instagram: (@ProjectZorgoExposing)


Chad Wild Clay’s newest video right here –
10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS REVEALS PZ9 SECRET & YouTube Throws Celebration to Give Speech to Film Executives!

Vy Qwaint newest video:
PZ9 FACE REVEAL! SPY NINJAS vs HACKER in Blaster Battle whereas Daniel is Lacking

Exposing Undertaking Zorgo New Video:
I WANT PZ9 A SPY NINJA! Spending 24 Hours Creating DIY Problem to Distract Hackers

Lucas and Marcus AWESOME new video right here
My Girlfriend CAUGHT Me Taking A Bathtub With ANOTHER GIRL!

Stephen Sharer New video:
Going Undercover as Secret Brokers to Accumulate Thriller Neighbor Proof (Face Revealed)

Rebecca Zamolo new Video:
LAST TO LEAVE the GIANT SNOW GLOBE Wins $10,000! (Trapped for twenty-four Hours with Recreation Grasp Inc)

MORGZ New video:
Something You Put on, I will Purchase It – Problem

MORGZ MUM New Video:
Final To Snicker Wins $20,000 – Problem

Faze Rug:
Santa Buys Random Strangers ANYTHING They Need! **surprising**

123 Go

The TARGET Channels are:

Chad Wild Clay

Vy Qwaint

Stephen Sharer

Lizzy Sharer

Carter Sharer

Papa Jake

Rebecca Zamolo

Matt & Rebecca


Kawaii Kunicorn

Carl & Jinger Household


Guava Juice

Lucas and Marcus

★CHAD WILD CLAY & VY QWAINT vs PROJECT ZORGO in Actual Life NINJA BATTLE ROYALE & Chad Wild Clay Unmasking Undertaking Zorgo!

★Chad Wild Clay Is Undertaking Zorgo! + Undertaking Zorgo Face Reveal – CWC, Vy Qwaint, & Daniel Unmasking Undertaking Zorgo

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#ProjectZorgo #GameMaster #ChadWildClay #VyQwaint #Lucasandmarcus

Consideration YouTube Staff:
The YouTube Hacker, Undertaking Zorgo, messaging and incidents on this video are fictitious works executed by YouTubers. No identification with any individuals, locations, buildings, and merchandise is meant or must be inferred. Earlier than making use of a neighborhood strike, please correspond with the members of your coverage workforce who’re already conscious of this channel and/or the creators of this work:
YouTube Person ID: waNuezahYT3BOjfXsne2mg
YouTube Person ID: mRY4NSGK52lP_Lz11CjdYw

Extra information about challenge zorgo:
CHAD WILD CLAY is making an attempt to UNMASKING PROJECT ZORGO! – and in addition we are attempting our greatest to Unmasking/Revealing Undertaking Zorgo!



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